My First Troll – How Sweet!

I’ve just been hit by my first troll… as opposed to spambots, and other such pond scum. This was not one of those. Rather it was someone who apparently has nothing better to do than make pointless comments on blogs they apparently find boring but have enough time to read. How fascinating. I wish I had time to randomly troll blogs that I find dull…

I may stop laughing eventually, but it’s made my night. I feel like a real blogger now, so thank you, whoever you really are!



    1. They do indeed… sad really, that they presumably get pleasure out of attempting to get a reaction out of other people. I mean, if they have a genuine gripe, I’d be happy to discuss it rationally with them, but rationality appears to be beyond them. I’m guessing it’s the price of daring to say anything in public.


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