2020 Formula Regional European Championship – Confirmation of Super-License


Today we received confirmation that the 2020 Formula Regional European Championship prize haul will include 25 points towards a coveted super-license, €200,000 in prize money, tests in F3 and F2, and a very important opportunity coming up, in addition to further improvements to the single seater

After confirmation of the participation in the 2020 season of all the teams that participated in the 2019 Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA, there has also been official confirmation of the prizes available, with 25 points for an FIA super-license, the maximum number available among the various equivalent series, the €200,000 prize money, the F3 and F2 tests, and a further very important opportunity which will be announced shortly, and which will be, for the winner of the 2020 championship, an extremely important boost for their sporting career.

In addition there are a number of technical innovations which are intended to optimize the single-seater car, which was already highly regarded by the teams and drivers in 2019, to make, and which will further raise the bar of excellence for the championship.

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