2020 Formula Regional European Championship – News of FIA Super Licence Points


The FIA World Motor Sport Council has confirmed that 25 Super Licence points are up for grabs for the 2020 Formula Regional title winner, compared to similar championships which offer a maximum of 15 points.

Following the FIA World Motor Sport Council, important updates were presented regarding the allocation of Super License points for some championships. Specifically, the decision to award 25 points to the winner of the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA was confirmed. This recognizes the quality of the Championship itself by the International Automobile Federation, a quality also confirmed by the teams that participated in it in 2019, of which 100% have confirmed their participation in the 2020 season.

While Formula Regional received confirmation and recognition of the quality of the work done so far, the scores towards a Super License for some of the equivalent series were reduced, and these now do not exceed 15 points compared to the FIA certified series. The FIA certification therefore remains for the 2020 season and makes the Regional European Championship certified by FIA one of the most attractive and effective championships for drivers on the path from karting to F1.

On the FIA Super Licence front, news and opportunities for divers in the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA are even greater thanks to an agreement with the F3 Asian Championship. The project sees the calendars of the two Championships cover the entire 2020 sporting season with no overlap, with the five events of the Asian series taking place in the typical European winter season, ending in February, while the eight Formula Regional race weekends will start in April and finish in October. This will theoretically enable a successful driver to aim for a potential 43 points, 25 for Formula Regional and 18 for Asian F3, with a strong possibility of gaining a much-coveted Super License by the end of the year.

This project makes for a strong collaboration between the two championships, and more information will be presented in the coming days

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