2020 Formula Regional European Championship – Confirmation of Prizes


Today saw confirmation of the promised test in F3 for the winner of the 2020 championship, in addition to the 25 FIA super-license points and 200,000 euros for teams and drivers, who will also be able to take advantage of the possibility to participate in the Global Challenge Rome.

Today the excellent prize package for the 2020 Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA was completed and confirmed.

The last piece of the jigsaw, and the cherry on the top, was the confirmation of an F3 test for the winner of the championship, in addition to the 25 points that can be put towards an FIA super-license, 10 more than any other equivalent championship, and 200,000 Euros for the winning team and driver.

All this is accompanied by a strong infrastructural reorganisation, with the establishment of the Formula Regional Global Challenge, the program which “twins” the FIA-certified Formula Regional European Championship with the FIA-certified F3 Asian Championship, and which offers extraordinary opportunities for drivers and teams.

The two championships, which do not overlap during the year, and which are both FIA certified, offer drivers the opportunity to race all year round and potentially, if they win both championships, gain an FIA super-license, because it would give them more than the required 40 points (the joint total is 43 points). In short, two championships that remain separate, but which together offer exponential opportunities, and always with the guarantee of quality conferred by the FIA certification.

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