2020 Formula Regional Championship certified by FIA – Team Maestro by Cram and Gillian Track Events GTE Sign Up


With the 2020 Formula Regional Championship certified by FIA season already looking good after all the 2019 teams confirmed they would take part again this year, new teams are now officially entering the FIA certified Series, bringing the total number of teams today to 10. This further endorses the great work done in 2019 and the excellent technical and organizational base of the Championship, which has by far the highest number of Super Licence points (25) available among the equivalent series.

After the confirmation of Arthur Leclerc and Gianluca Petecof, both FDA drivers, by Prema Powerteam, the French driver Gillian Herion is officially participating in the 2020 Championship with the Gillian Track Events (GTE) Team. Meanwhile Team Maestro by Cram they will share experience and logistics with Cram Motorsport, based in Erba in Italy.

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