2020 Euroformula Open – Drivex School starts 2020 by signing Glenn van Berlo


Drivex has signed young Dutch racer Glenn van Berlo to be its first Euroformula driver for the upcoming season.

The 18-year-old, a champion karter in his home country and a star of the world stage, made his first starts in single-seater racing last year in the Spanish Formula 4 championship. He won three races and finished third in the standings, gaining experience on some of the circuits that Euroformula races at.

After his racing season ended he joined Drivex for a testing programme in one of its Dallara F317 chassis, which will be replaced by the new halo-shod lightweight Dallara 320 single-seater for 2020, in a HWA-powered version.

Drivex is hoping to enhance its record in the series as the Spain-based team has already won three titles with Nikita Troitskiy (Rookies 2017), Ferdinand Habsburg (Rookies 2016) and Richard Gonda (Cup 2013), including two overall Vice-Championships with Troitskiy and Habsburg the same seasons.

Glenn van Berlo said: “I am delighted to join the Euroformula. If you can go fast in this car, you can go fast in all other racing cars. It’s a very good preparation for other categories. I think as a driver I am better off driving a Formula 3 car because of all the technology involved and of course the amount of downforce that the car has. With a car like that, you can keep learning. I immediately loved it, it’s really impressive. I had several options, but I already knew this team from last season in Formula 4 and I get along very well with the team members. Their mentality is top-notch. Now the real work begins. My goal for the season is to get to know the car really well and to get the most out of it.”

Drivex’ Miguel Ángel de Castro commented: “We warmly welcome Glenn on board! He is a very talented driver, as he showed in the Spanish F4 Championship last year. Despite making his first outing in single-seater racing, he was a tough rival from the very beginning. That’s why we are delighted to start working together in the 2020 Euroformula Open. This project is extremely promising for both sides. We are supporting Glenn in order to get him well-prepared for the season- opener in April. He will be a driver to be closely followed despite his rookie status.”

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