2020 Euroformula Open – Winter Test at Paul Ricard Cancelled


Due to the rapid extension of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout Europe and the stricter measures and recommendations that are being adopted and implemented by governments and authorities almost by the hour, GT Sport has decided to postpone the Winter Test scheduled at Circuit Paul Ricard next week (20-21 March) for its three series (International GT Open, Euroformula and GT Open Cup Europe).

“We regret having to take this decision, but we think that it is time to act with the sense of responsibility that our societies and authorities are demanding and that all instances, including motor racing, have to contribute to the common cause. ”

“Should this situation continue as we approach the beginning of the official 2020 season, GT Sport has in place a contingency plan to ensure the number of events foreseen for each series that will be communicated as appropriate.”

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