2020 Formula Regional European Championship – Plans for ACI Racing Weekend 2020 Calendar


ACI Sport is currently working on calendars to allow the program of all the Italian championships and single-make series to be included in the same racing weekends.

The events of the series, in particular those related to the ACI Racing Weekends, which have not yet started, allow us to work with greater serenity in view of the likely restructuring of the season.

The health emergency that has hit Italy and beyond will certainly lead to a review of the ACI Racing Weekends calendar. With the aim and duty to allow the entire championship, or at least as many events as possible to take place, ACI Sport has prepared some alternative solutions that currently allow the running of all the Italian championships and the single-make trophies included in the ACI Racing Weekends across the same number of races that were originally scheduled.

The use of the less crowded months and the prolongation of the end of the season currently make it possible for us to recover and run all the events.

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