2020 Formula Regional European Championship – Another Masterful Drive from Leclerc


At the end of an exciting but complicated race with variable track conditions, Arthur Leclerc once again seemed to be from another planet in the wet, while Chovet claimed an impressive second place thanks to perfect strategy, stymied only by the Safety Car.

The race started on a wet track, though the rain had stopped and it was slowly getting drier. Pierre-Louis Chovet (Van Amersfoort Racing), Jamie Chadwick (PREMA Powerteam), Gillian Henrion (Gillian Track events GTE by CRAM), Andrea Cola (Monolite Racing) and Konsta Lappalainen (KIC Motorsport) all opted for slicks, which would prove to be the right choice as the race wore in. After a few laps those drivers on slicks were much faster than those who had chosen wet weather tyres. This meant that foursome, led by Chovet, all slowly moved up the order while everyone else, apart from Lappalainen who made a small mistake on the warm-up lap, were forced first to look for areas of asphalt that were still wet, and then to return to the pits to change to slicks.

When the drivers returned from the pits, Chovet was ahead of Henrion, Chadwick and Cola. Even Leclerc, who waited longest, eventually pitted for slicks, but he was a moment too soon, because the rain started up again and rapidly increased in intensity.

The situation was quickly reversed and one after another the drivers all returned to the pits to mount rain tyres to handle a track that was now completely sodden.

In the chaos that resulted Chovet and Henrion found themselves first and second, while Cola made a mistake and crashed out. The Safety Car inevitably took control of the race and the pack regrouped.

At that point, Leclerc switched to rain mode and lap after lap he was the fastest driver on the track by at least 3 seconds. Setting an incredible pace, the Monegasque gradually overtook everyone else, including Chovet, whose massive gap to the pack was cancelled out by the Safety Car.

Petecof saved what he could, but he couldn’t match the pace of his teammate, and finished third, behind a phenomenal Leclerc and Chovet, who still managed an amazing result. Following them were Henrion, Alessandro Famularo (PREMA Powerteam), his teammate Oliver Rasmussen, Emidio Pesce (DR Formula) and Patrik Pasma (KIC Motorsport).

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