2020 Formula Regional European Championship – Pasma Wins, Monza Belongs to Him


A weekend after the disappointment of Mugello for Leclerc, the Monegasque started on pole ahead of Pasma, Petecof and Rasmussen. Leclerc started well but in a short time the KIC Motorsport Finn took advantage of the slipstream to pass for first, and then showed the superior speed that had been in evidence all weekend.

Pasma stretched out his lead, while Petecof overtook Leclerc who was now in difficulty, the Monegasque running wide a few corners later and then having to defend himself from Lappalainen and Rasmussen who both overtook him. While it was quiet at the front, the group behind Pasma and Petecof was compact and the battle exciting.

After a couple of laps Chovet also passed Leclerc who was now in great difficulty. While he lost ground, Pasma continued to set ever faster laps, with only Petecof able to match his pace.

Things stabilized now with Pasma and Petecof well ahed, then Lappalainen, Rasmussen, Chovet and Leclerc. Chovet was now threatending Rasmussen but he couldn’t manage to ovetake him. Meanwhile Pasma just continued to stretch out his lead lap after lap on Petecof, who simply couldn’t keep up. Pasma in Monza was simply unbeatable.

Pasma won, and if it hadn’t been for a silly mistake in race 2, it would have made it a triple victory. Behind him, Petecof defended himself well and was now the championship leader over a subdued Leclerc who was only sixth. Third was Lappalainen, from Rasmussen, and Chovet who failed to overtake the Dane.

The next race weekend will be in Barcelona on November 1st.

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