2020 Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth – It’s the Pizzi Show at Monza


Race 2 of the Italian F4 was also a real spectacle, where the slipstreams generated continuous overtaking and counter-overtaking between the drivers. At the start, unfortunately, the poleman Andrea Rosso was not in his position on the grid due to technical problems with the car. That left it to Minì to take the first shot and he held the lead from the start, with Pizzi, Ugran, Monotoya, Delli Guanti and Salmenautio behind him.

The clashes at the top were continuous, with Pizzi and Minì exchanging the lead several times, but with the VAR driver seeming to be more at ease. In the fight also were Delli Guanti, Montoya, Ugran and Fornaroli.

18 minutes from the end of the race Hamda Al Qubaisi made a mistake and hit the Chinese driver, Han Cenyu, putting both of them out of the race and requiring the Safety Car to take control of the race. The leading drivers slowed down, but Piero Delli Guanti ended up alongside Minì and then collided with Filip Ugran and the two were out of the race.

In the meantime, Montoya had gained second place behind Pizzi, but Minì hadn’t given up and passed the Colombian again. The latter then found himself flanked by Bortoleto, touched his teammate and ended up off track, losing several positions.

In the final laps Minì tried an attack on Pizzi, just as he had in race 1, but this time he gave up the attempt at the Parabolica enabling the VAR driver to take the chequered flag first, followed by Minì, Bortoleto, Fornaroli, who is always fast at Monza, an excellent Santiago Ramos (Jenzer Motorsport) and his teammate Piotr Wisnicki in sixth.

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