2020 Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth – Stratospheric Delli Guanti


What a show in Italian F4! Race 3 once again provided many changes of place with Minì starting well from pole and immediately stretching his lead, while behind him Rosso made a good start and finished second. Pizzi was also spectacular and in a hadnful of corners he was able to move from sixth place to third, passing Fornaroli in the final seconds.
In a beautiful overtaking move, Rosso passed Minì to take first place.

Meanwhile Minì took advantage of the slipstreaming possiblities on the straight and passed Rosso who then made a bad mistake and hit the Sicilian; they were both out. Pizzi took advantage of it and passed him, followed by Fornaroli, then Delli Guanti, Montoya, Patterson and Ramos. In the meantime, Delli Guanti was proving very fast and overtook Fornaroli.

Elsewhere Axel Gnos made a mistake, went off end ended up strande, requiring the Safety Car to take control of the race.
The battle continued with Pizzi, Delli Guanti, Bortoleto, Fornaroli and Montoya. The BVM Technorace driver then snatched the lead from Pizzi and resisted any attempts to pass him for several laps until the end.

Despite a smoking engine Pietro Delli Guanti made a final pass in the Parabolica to wins his first F4 race. Behind Bortoleto, were Fornaroli, Pizzi, Ramos, Montoya, Beganovic, Ugran, an excellent Hamda Al Quabaisi in ninth, and Jesse Salmenauto closed the positions in the points.

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