2020 Formula Regional European Championship – Rasmussen, Leclerc, and Pasma Share Poles


Oliver Rasmussen was fastest in the first qualifying session at Imola, with 1:39.102, followed by rookie Ian Rodriguez, just 54 thousandths behind, and then the always rapid Dennis Hauger (1:39.353). The Dane set a series of faster and faster laps to claim pole position for race 1 right at the end of the session, while Leclerc was fourth and the championship leader Petecof was a distant eighth.

Unfortunately, there were still gearbox problems at Prema, this time to the detriment of Rasmussen who was unable to take part in the second qualifying session. It was then Arthur Leclerc who got the jump on everyone with a 1:38.605, a good 158 thousandths of a second advantage over the second placed man, Patrik Pasma. Third was Pierre-Louis Chovet, fourth Ian Rodriguez, fifth Hauger and sixth, a little better, Gianluca Petecof, who was still 620 thousandths away from pole.

It was instead Patrick Pasma with a 1:38,890 who set the second fastest overall time to claim pole position for race three, ahead of Leclerc, Rodriguez, Chovet, Hauger and Petecof.

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