2020 Formula Regional European Championship – Pasma Wins as Leclerc Fails to Finish


Leclerc started very well and took the lead at the first corner ahead of Pasma, Rodrigues and Chovet.

Behind him, Petecof started from sixth, faltered and then recovered to pass Chovet, the driver from Menton, while Hauger attacked the Frenchman who defended himself, but couldn’t hold the Norwegian back.

Unfortunately Arthur Leclerc, who was clearly in command, was forced into retirement as a result of technical problems with his car. That let Patrik Pasma take the lead followed by Rodriguez, a reborn Petecof, Hauger, Chovet and Lappalainen.

Petecof was pressured throughout the race by the VAR duo of Hauger and Chovet, but he hung onto his third place until the end. Further back Oliver Rasmussen, who did not even start in race 1 yesterday due to gearbox problems, managed to pass Lappalainen for sixth place.

The first five were getting away from Rasmussen though, the latter over 3 seconds behind Chovet in fifth. Pasma opened up the gap from Rodriguez building up a two second lead. towards the back, Pesce spun at Rivazza and ended up in last position after an early race that had seen him put in a much better drive than in previous races.

Pasma won, giving KIC Motorsport their third victory of the season, ahead of Rodriguez, Petecof, Hauger, Chovet and Rasmussen. Petecof’s third place and a little luck (or the bad luck of Leclerc) meant he had regained the championship lead.

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