2020 Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth – Edgar Wins; Minì, Pizzi and Beganovic for the Championship


With race 2 cancelled due to rain, race 3 was run but right at the end of the day, taking advantage of an interruption in the rain just before it got dark. With the second and third place already settled behind the champion Minì, with Francesco Pizzi and Dino Beganovic unable to be challenged, the race made history by itself.

The race started with Bortoleto leading Barnard, Bearman, Edgar and Minì. Bortoleto settled into first while Bearman passed Barnard, and Minì tried to overtake Ugran, eventually making it past. Edgar passed Bearman and the order was then Bortoleto, Edgar, Bearman, Minì, Smal and Ugran.

But not for long. Edgar attacked and passed Bortoleto for the lead, while Minì closed in on third place. Meanwhile, Francesco Pizzi climbed to eleventh from fourteenth at the start, but unfortunately shortly after that he went off track and the Safety Car took control and bunched everyone back up.

After the restart, there was a tremendous battle behind Edgar between Bortoleto, Smal, Minì, Crawford and Bearman, until Smal and Minì touched and spun with the Italian losing many places. Edgar held the lead for the remainder of the race, and had Jak Crawford, Bortoleto, Bearman, Duerksen and Ugran behind him when the red flags were hung out to bring the race to a presmature end.

The stoppage was caused by Pietro Armanni (BVM Racing) who went off just before the Minì-Smal contact, and so it was Edgar first, Smal second and Minì third on the podium depsite the two of them going off.

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