Travel 2003 – Macau, Hong Kong, London, Day 11

Tuesday, 18th November 2003 – Macau, Hong Kong, London, Day 11

Today was mostly devoted to combat packing as we all tried to stuff the extra goodies we’d acquired into various bags and cases. Lynne and I made the trip to the main (possibly only) post office with stuff for other people, which was fun. It involved an awful lot of running around in circles from one bit of the post office to another, with one parcel having to go from the parcel post office downstairs and round the back, and another being sent from an ordinary counter. Everyone was very helpful, but it all seemed very complicated somehow.

Once back outside we managed to run into the Irvines, which wasn’t especially surprising, taking their grand-daughter out shopping. She seems to be quite a shy child – you’d never think she was Eddie’s!

We then took another trip to Coloane to buy some egg tarts from Lord Stow’s Bakery and show the shop to Glyn. I’m not sure he believed in it beforehand, but he does now. Andrea also bought a T-shirt for Ernesto… We then headed for the Macau Tower for afternoon tea, also buffet style, but in the non-revolving restaurant. This allowed us to avoid having to hunt for dinner at Hong Kong airport after 2002’s somewhat traumatic events. We had egg tarts for the evening anyway – all we needed was coffee to go with them!

Offered the opportunity to do so, we took the jetfoil direct to airport this time, rather than to the normal jetfoil terminal in Hong Kong, followed by a 30-minute bus ride. This was so much easier – why hadn’t we done it before? Once at the airport, we managed to befuddle the check-in girl so she didn’t notice that a) we had too much luggage as two of us didn’t have the special 30 kilo allowance and b) we were in charge of someone else’s suitcase as well as our own, after it got left behind by the tour company when the Monday departures left the Mandarin Oriental (the concierge locked the suitcases away, and then failed to tell his replacement where they were when he came on shift). The trouble was we couldn’t open it and we didn’t know what was in it. A last ditch call from the owner meant we didn’t just abandon the case at the airport and tell Virgin they could do what they liked with it as far as we were concerned.

The flight back was good because it wasn’t at all full so we had room to stretch a bit, but it was also bad because we were back with the old-fashioned entertainment system – there were eight films to choose from and I had no desire to see any of them. As a result my headphones stayed sealed in their plastic bag and I took two sleeping pills and didn’t wake up till Heathrow was in sight!


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