Travel 2004 – Macau, Day 3

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Tuesday, 16th November 2004 – Macau, Day 3

We were living in interesting times, it seemed. Mind you, we weren’t the only ones. We weren’t able to meet up with Glyn till getting on for midnight on Monday, because… well, because of all sorts of things really. First off most of the race team people were on the same flight as him, and so there were two busloads of people to be rounded up and taken to the JetFoil terminal. Now trying to round up even one team of F3 people is somewhat akin to herding cats; more than one and you’re getting into nightmare territory! So it took a while… then the JetFoil broke down, and they all had to transfer to a later sailing, which didn’t get in till around 23.00, at which point most people’s luggage got sent to the wrong hotel, and didn’t follow them home till around 1 am. What fun!

Lynne and I, by contrast, had a very nice relaxing dinner at A Lorcha, which is a wonderful Portuguese restaurant down by the Maritime Museum. Glyn was pretty frazzled when he arrived, so we fed him some nicely chilled white port and left him to sleep. This morning the first person I encountered was John Booth, who was in the lifts and headed for breakfast, and then I ended up having my swim interrupted by Nelson Piquet Jr. who was trying to insist that the pool was on the top floor of the hotel, despite the evidence of his own eyes… Jet lag does weird things to some people. Eric Salignon was also there, and looking remarkably well despite the serious car crash he had been in earlier in the year. His neck and chin were badly scarred, but otherwise he was relatively unmarked. We encountered a whole host of drivers after that, including Richard Antinucci and Fabio Carbone (otherwise known as the Pesky, because he is), and had got our passes organised and in our possession. The wonderfully sweet Raquel looked pleased to see us, and was very helpful as usual.

We also did a spot of sightseeing, going to the Lin Fung Temple, which is huge, a whole series of rooms with altars (no idea if that’s the right term or not) and some fascinating statuary. We also threw in the temple of Kun Iam, and took a walk up the Montanha Russa park, where there might once have been amazing views of the sea, but which is now surrounded by tower blocks in various states of scruffiness… We figured we’d probably go to one of the islands the following day, but I had to be back at the hotel for two telephone interviews earlyish. It wasn’t the best way to conduct an interview, but at least if I could land a job offer of some sort by the middle of next week I could relax for the rest of the trip.

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