Travel 2006 – Vienna, Day 4

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Monday, 4th December 2006 – Vienna, Day 4

This was really only a fragment of a day as we spent most of it coming back home. I packed before breakfast, then wandered down to Julius Meinl Am Graben, with intent to lay hands on several bottles of wine, some vanilla sugar, and some Pfanni dumpling mixes. It’s a wonderful store and I’m sure in its own way it’s as packed with variety as the Naschmarkt. Anyway, a charming young assistant made some wine recommendations, and I was hard pressed to stop at 5… The Information desk people came close to actually leading me to the Knodel mixes (and when I passed by later, they inquired politely as to whether I’d found what I was looking for). Anyway, I left the store loaded up (and they wouldn’t let me pack my own shopping either), and was halfway back to the hotel when I had a sudden “Oh bugger!” moment. I’d forgotten that under the new security regulations you can’t carry liquids onto your flight as hand luggage unless they were bought at the Duty Free shop at the airport, and are sealed in one of their special bags. There was only one answer! Drag everything out of my suitcase and pack it again with the bottles in the middle, surrounded by clothes.

After that, we met my ex-landlady, Christine, whose apartments I lived in all the time I was in Vienna. That necessitated coffee (black, no sugar) and apple strudel (lots of sugar). And very good it was too. It was nice to catch up too, and just a shame we didn’t have more time. After that it was time to get in the cab and go to the airport. We checked in (with my suitcase labelled “Fragile”) and then bought some Duty Free wine, and stopped for gulasch and beer at the airport cafe. And so, home to the UK…

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