Travel 2008 – Brighton

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Saturday, 13th/Sunday, 14th September 2008 – Brighton

The weekends have been busy of late and the weeks are just so busy that I don’t seem able to find time to tell anyone about it. That said, last weekend, we finally got to visit our friend Irene in Brighton (we’ve only been trying to achieve it for about four years). We set off reasonably early and arrived late Saturday morning to be offered an amazingly good lunch before we sidled out to investigate the Brighton and Hove Food & Wine Festival – you might know it would involve food if it was us, wouldn’t you? It was far too crowded for my tastes, but there were some amazing things to try/buy.

I managed to stop myself buying half a puffball mushroom on the grounds that the price was £17.00 – the last one I had was free, given to me by a colleague, and was utterly delicious fried with some bacon and garlic, but I didn’t feel we could justify the price this time round. I did buy some wild boar and apple burgers, and a bottle of late harvested English wine, which we’re just now drinking and enjoying very much. There were lots of other things on sale too, including some dangerous sounding cakes.

Anyway, we pottered about, had coffee at Carluccio’s, and then wandered through the grounds of the Royal Pavilion. It’s an amazingly silly building, but it’s also fun and impressive. We didn’t have time to go in, but we did take a good look at the outside, tripping over a wedding party on the way.

We also took a swing round the streets outside, photographing the art deco bus stop and cafe as we went, and being amused by the seagulls that seem to think they own the fountain outside.

Later that evening we headed out for Havana where we drank cocktails, which I suppose you must in a restaurant with a name like that!

After that we had a splendid meal, including a fine risotto with wild mushrooms:

and some excellent duck.

The Guinness bread was pretty wonderful too, dark, moist and amazing and perfect even without butter! Much later, full of food, we lurched back to Irene’s in a cab and spent Sunday lazing in the garden, reading the Sunday papers, watching the Italian Grand Prix and eating an excellent home-cooked lunch before making our way home (which took a lot longer than it needed to because of the awful traffic).

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