Running 2010 – Silverstone Half Marathon, Silverstone

19th October 2010 – My Next Running Task, Silverstone Half Marathon, Silverstone

Well, in between updating the Monte Carlo trip I reckoned I’d add some other bits and pieces of information before I start trying to catch up with everyone else’s news (and if there is something you really think I should see, please link me to it). I have – despite having illio-tibial band issues and now hip pain – just signed up for my first ever half marathon, and am hoping to complete it in around 2 hours and 10 minutes. It’s the Silverstone Half (otherwise known as the Adidas Half) in March 2011 so in theory I have enough time to train fully, injuries permitting. I still have to break the news to my physio, who has done the most amazing job of keeping the legs working so far, and will hopefully be able to continue to do so. Meanwhile, I have another race on October 30th, the Spooky Sprint for Parkinson’s UK, 10k round the lakes at the National Water Sports Centre, which I am reliably informed is pretty flat – or at least had better be, as the information came from one of the organising committee members via the Runners’ World forums. So I’m just waiting for my “glow in the dark” t-shirt to show up, and apparently on the day (or night really) we’ll be issued with head-torches, presumably so none of us fall in the lake on the night! I will not be indulging in fancy dress however, no matter how much they encourage us to. What I do find odd about all of this is just how much my attitude to running has changed, especially when I look back to 2006, and my claim to Neil, the PT, that I would do any exercise he named except running. Now I really miss it if I can’t do it, as was proven when I was out of action for a week after minor surgery in August and again when the ITBS flared up towards the end of September. I really didn’t expect to be quite so grumpy about it.

And so I now find myself ready to increase the distance again, and I fully expect there will be just as much bitching, moaning and grousing along the lines of “I’m too old for this! It’s too far! Why did ever think I could run a half?” that also accompanied the lead in to my first 10k a little over a year ago, and that probably also accompanied my original 5k back in 2006 (although I don’t remember it being that bad).

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