Fitness 2012 – Weight Loss and a New/Refreshed Strategy

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Having finally decided – after looking long and hard at myself – that I really should shift the stone I’ve managed to gain while not being able to run anymore (and for the forseeable future) and try and shift one more after that, I’ve been messing about on a 1lb a week loss and not actually achieving anything beyond the water retention post-Christmas since January 3rd. This means that as of this morning I still need to shift another 9lbs to get back to my final 2006 weight.

And having studied the figures, it’s easy to see why.

I’m very tough on myself usually during the week and don’t touch alcohol or go over calories Monday to Friday evening. I’ve always allowed myself some leeway over the weekend with the intent to balance it out during the course of a week. Except looking at the stats for 2012 on WLR I’ve not been logging food at the weekends all the time and when I do, I’ve not seen a 0 calorie balance for the week. I’ve been around 3000 calories over for the week, so that means instead of losing 1lb a week, I’ll be lucky to see a loss of 1/7th of 1lb. This has to stop. Of course I’m not losing on 1lb a week if I allow myself that much leeway!

To add to the problem, I’ve been using WLR’s figures for exercise calories burned for cycling (no excuses; I have an HRM and it works just fine when I put it on and use it properly). For swimming I have less options – the HRM will not work in the pool – a 2k swim does not earn just 14 calories whatever the watch says! Furthermore I’ve been saying I’ll “go for a ride/swim” and then not doing it, which is ridiculous. I’ve got the Duston triathlon coming up and I’m doing the swim section so I need to get in shape and get moving again. Eat less, move more. I KNOW it works. I just need to do it.

So I started afresh at the end of last week. This means:

  • Setting myself to a 1.5lb loss. Whilst this means a fairly tight 1200 calories a day, it also means that if I take the same amount of license as I was doing on 1lb a week loss, I will still lose between 1/2lb and 1lb a week – which I will be happy with.
  • Getting out on the bike/into the gym on the cardio machines 3/4 times a week.
  • Getting in the pool and working hard 3/4 times a week.
  • Wearing the HRM and using it properly.
  • Getting started with the rehab exercise for the ankle with intent to return to running asap.

On a more minor note, this also means:

  • Not eating nuts with the pre-dinner drinks on Saturday and Sunday. I can’t afford the calories.
  • Not having a pre-dinner drink on a Friday.
  • Choosing sensibly when out for dinner (we go out a lot and I’m not about to give it up). Leaving the bread/butter, crisps, nuts, whatever alone. If several things appeal, opting for the lowest calorie choice.
  • Leaving the potatoes/roast vegetable alone when out for dinner.
  • Not mopping up the sauces with bread when out for dinner.
  • Not having coffee with petit fours (unless we go to le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons again this year in which case none of the above rules apply)!
  • Not having a pint in the pub on our monthly visits to the in-laws. It’s back on the spritzers for me. And not raiding the cheese and biscuits on the bar more than once on that visit.
  • The lattes go back to being a once a week treat not an “it’s Wednesday/raining/late/early/supply own excuse” day so I’ll have one now.

And I’m out for dinner tonight so let’s see how well I can manage.


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