Fitness 2012 – Things I Wish I’d Known BEFORE Surgery…

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That the act of getting about on crutches might have been so much easier if I’d done a whole lot more crunches (for the abs) and lunges (for my thighs). I am however extremely grateful for 11 months of triathlon club swim training because oh boy do I need that upper body strength right now.

Post the operation on Thursday last Professor Ribbans assures me the operation was straightforward enough (presumably once he’d tracked down the snapped ends of the tibialis posterior tendon anyway) and that he was able to find a suitable tendon to attach it to. Also, he didn’t need to touch the spring ligament and the heel bone repositioning did not after all require the removal of any bone from my hip to create a graft. So it’s one fixed tendon and two screws holding my heel bone where it ought to be (and never previously has been). So now follows six weeks of mind-numbing boredom stuck at home on the sofa with my ankle in the air while it all knits. No weight bearing, no rushing about, no driving (goes without saying) and nothing to do but try and stop myself going crazy.

Today has been mostly about reading and figuring out how to do things like getting a coffee and transferring it to somewhere where I can drink it when I’m home on my own during the days. It’s been a learning curve, is all I can say!

Still, the pain is not bad (actually the rest of me feels a lot worse from all the hauling myself around on two sticks and one leg) and I’m down to two doses of paracetamol a day already. The funniest part of all of this is how badly freaked out by the sight of me walking on crutches the cats are. They’re really not happy about it!

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