Fitness 2012 – Ankle Operation Latest

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Well, it’s now 8 weeks and 1 day exactly since Professor Ribbans operated on me to rebuild my right ankle (Posterior Tibial Tendon Reconstruction and Calcaneal Osteotomy, Spring Ligament Reconstruction) which basically means that I have had the snapped tibialis posterior tendon attached to the digital flexor tendon that holds my big toe on, the heel bone broken in two, moved and screwed into place in the position it should occupy rather than the one it always used to occupy, and the spring ligament that holds my arch together tidied up. If you’re squeamish you may not want to Google any of that!

The 6 inch long scar on the inside of my ankle has now healed beautifully, as has the very small scar on the back of my heel where the screw went in, and the two on the outside of my heel are doing OK but are not as advanced in terms of non-lumpiness yet.

What does all this mean? Well it meant 6 weeks in a plaster cast and no weight to be put on the foot at all, and now I’m in a “ski-boot” (for six weeks in total), still not allowed to drive because it’s my right foot, still not allowed to exercise (apart from the flexibility and strengthening exercises the physio has mandated) but at least I am now allowed to walk. I just can’t get far yet… oh, and I am not, under any circumstances, to even THINK about running yet. I say thinking about it should be OK, so long as I don’t try it!

I have now switched from eating at or above maintenance calorie levels while the healing process kicked off properly, to this week trying to eat under maintenance by a comfortable amount (with maintenance set for an activity level of very sedentary instead of moderately sedentary given how much time I’m having to spend sitting down with the ankle elevated – that’s a reduction of 150 calories a day). I haven’t gone mad, I haven’t comfort eaten, but I do know I’ve gained some weight from how my clothes feel – I just can’t find out how much because standing one-legged on the scales doesn’t work!

Anyway, it’s onwards and downwards for now, and I’ll worry about getting weighed once I’m allowed to stand on my own TWO feet in about 4 weeks time (or earlier if I’m lucky).



  1. The only consolation I can think of is at least you’re losing winter running time. Not much of a consolation I know. Good planning with the eating, that will be less weight to shift when you can do more with the foot.


    1. Yes, and as it turns out, I can at least get into some of my wardrobe – dinner with Janice and John last night and I fitted comfortably into my black velvet shirt and trousers, so I may actually be doing some good already!


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