Travel 2013 – Nothing Much – Just Blowing Away the Cobwebs Here…

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It’s been a while… but then, that’s really because life’s been complicated (actually complicated doesn’t start to cover it what with crumbling in-laws, another ankle operation coming up in a month’s time, a melt down at work, being a member of staff short, things around the house breaking down on a regular basis, a new manager at work,…)

I suppose right now I just wanted to say I’m not dead. And I’ll push my luck by saying life seems to be calming (at least a little) and that I just hope I haven’t jinxed it all by writing that.

I was considering a day at the GP3 testing at Silverstone, but with the way things have been, I suspect I’ve left it too late to apply for accreditation, and anyway the weather is so vile at present that I’m reluctant to even think about spending a day freezing my bits off on an ex-airfield in the middle of nowhere, no matter how much of Jenzer Motorsport’s coffee I can blag! I’d probably still end up making the sandwiches for their lunch like I did last year anyway…

So? Anyone out there? Anyone still reading?

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