Fitness 2013 – Anniversary Musings

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It’s a year almost to the day since I had my reconstructive surgery on my ankle, and it’s most impressive how much better it is now. There’s some residual tenderness and pain in the back of my heel (but then again it’s only 4 months since the metalwork holding the bone in place was removed) and a couple of niggling issues that can hopefully be addressed by the use of orthotics/good shoes, but otherwise I think we can call it a success.

The last three and a bit weeks have seen me really start to address the weight gain that happened as a result of not being able to take anything that resembled real physical exercise, but I’m back on that now with regular hour-long swim sessions, and cycling, and – last week – a sneaky, experimental run. Now given I was running distances, it’s a bit galling to be back on week one of the Couch to 5K programme and finding it hard work, but on the other hand it’s two years since I ran last, so I shouldn’t be that surprised to note that 8 one-minute bursts left me with aches everywhere from my shins to my shoulders! But not the ankle. So the positives are I have something to report to the physio and the podiatrist this week (I know what was and wasn’t comfortable) and I was able to maintain a 9.5kph pace for those one minute long running intervals, and didn’t find it especially tough at the time.

Additionally, in the last few week’s, I’ve been back to Spa-Francorchamps and was able to roam the circuit taking photos without bothering to wait for the shuttle buses, and suffered minimal discomfort during the course of the three days (and that does include walking UP Eau Rouge as well as back down). I’ve also danced all night at a birthday party with no pain in the ankle so I think, provided I now religious stick to whatever routine the physio chooses to inflict on me, I could return to proper running, even if the longer distances may no longer be possible. I’d settle for a 5k park run on a regular basis, and sprint triathlons would be good too…


  1. It took about eighteen months for my foot to feel normal after I broke it so I think you’re doing well. Well done on getting back to the running 🙂


    1. That’s interesting to know, because in effect my heel bone had to be broken and pinned into correct configuration. I was hoping to sneak a run tonight as well, but I’ve left my shoes at home (37 miles away) so it’s going to have to be another swim instead.


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