Fitness 2014 – Shhh….Whisper It… Don’t Alert the Running Gods

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On the grounds that they are nasty, sneaky beasties who take pleasure in tormenting runners by making them into non-runners.

I think I may be making progress. I’m probably not doing as much core work as I should, but after 6 weeks of solid swimming sessions to build some endurance (and some upper body tone as well), I started a 7 week walking programme four weeks ago yesterday. And took the physio’s word for it that the treadmill was my best option for the time being, much though I would like to be outside instead. So, week one, I did exactly what it said on the plan and walked, steadily, fast, and for the designated times. Week two was much the same for the short walks (15 minutes each) but the longer effort (25 minutes) I threw in two 1-minute running bursts. It felt OK. My legs didn’t like it much, but the aches and pains were nothing untoward.

Week three I again broke up the longer run with a series of one minute runs (at a steady 9kph, not exactly a rocket-propelled pace, but quite a lot faster than the first go round of this back in 2006) to a maximum of five. Still feeling OK if slightly depleted in glycogen terms when I then got in the pool for a 1k swim afterwards.

Week four, which ended yesterday was brilliant! I skipped the two 20 minute sessions altogether in favour of swimming and using the cross trainer, but otherwise it was two 30 minute sessions, and on 45 minute one, which was the final session of the week. I thought long and hard about the fact that this is supposed to be a walking plan, then decided sod it, I’ll die of boredom if I have to walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes, staring at the squash court in front of me (where nothing at all was happening)! So I tweaked the settings to 6.5kph for walking speed and 9.0kph for running speed, and set off walking for three minutes, running for one, increasing the speed of each run minute by 0.1kph for each one, finishing at 10kph 43 minutes in, and going for two minutes instead. That was over 6 km covered, which means I could well be back to parkrun soon in some capacity other than as a volunteer… but let’s keep this a secret between us shall we? 🙂

I am tentatively planning on actually completing my first parkrun since 2011 on May 31st… I will almost certainly end up as a seriously tearful wreck if I manage it.