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I’ve been having an interesting time of late with some relatively minor – well, I look on it as minor anyway – surgery. Through it all I’ve tried very hard to maintain my efforts to rebuild my fitness now I seem to be able to run again, and to try and shift the extra 36 lbs I’m now dragging around as a result of the best part of two years with no running, no serious exercise substitutes, and no proper calorie counting (which I know damn well I need to do if I’m not going to put weight on).

I’m currently battling with a 13-week Couch to 10k programme and cannot seem to get past the run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute level no matter what I do, without becoming so breathless I can’t see straight! So how come my resting heart rate is currently around 55bpm, which is listed as athlete level for a woman of 55? Must keep working on it…

How fit am I really? I know I covered the ground at Spa at a decent lick, walking from one end of the circuit to the other uphill so fast that Lynne demanded we stop halfway up to Les Combes, claiming she was going to have a heart attack if she didn’t stop, but I didn’t feel I was that fit. And the running suggests I may be right. Stairs are killing me at the moment, though even at my fittest stairs always seemed to present a challenge.

Must also remember this site for a sensible maximum heart rate calculation not based on studies done on men with heart disease…

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