2016 Spanish F4 Championship – Hat-Trick Weekend for Verschoor

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Hat-Trick Weekend for Verschoor in Motorland

Sunday started very early in Motorland, ahead of the last day of the F4 SPANISH CHAMPIONSHIP Round 2. The qualification started at 08:20AM, with an air temperature still very clement on the drivers and

As the fifteen minutes kicked off, MP Motorsport driver Jarno Opmeer set an early pace and held onto the provisional pole for a couple of laps until Red Bull Junior driver Richard Verschoor came in the battle. Juuso Puhakka got up to P3, battling hard to snatch a better starting position that yesterday. But the surprise came from Drivex driver Nikita Volegov who hissed his car onto P1 for a lap before dropping to P3, his best qualification results since the beginning of the season. Tuomas Haapalainen and Tuomas Tujula struggled with their pace and did not manage better than P8 and P9.

“I am very happy, this is my best qualification so far and I want to thank the team for the amazing job they do. I will do my best to have a good start which is still something I have to improve,” Nikita Volegov, Drivex

After a long morning wait, the drivers were back in the cars for the 18’+1lap Race 2. As the lights went off, Richard Verschoor launched his machine for the victory, but so did Alexander Vartanyan. As both drivers started L2, Vartanyan lit a full purple lap getting him 0.181 shy to the Dutch, allowing him to take the lead few corners down.

On the back, Tuomas Tujula and Juuso Puhakka were into a Finnish battle where the later got the upper hand and jump onto P6 with 4 seconds gap to catch Danny Kroes.

As the race went on, Richard Verschoor started to light up purple sectors after purple sectors to come back dangerously close to the Drivex Russian driver Alexander Vartanyan. With two laps remaining, Verschoor reclaimed the lead of Race 1 and finished on top of the podium for the second time this weekend, with Alexander Vartanyan second and Jarno Opmeer completing the podium.

The last race of the weekend started under a shining sun, with Richard Verschoor starting on pole position, Jarno Opmeer second and a brilliant Nikita Volegov starting P3. At the start, Alexander Vartanyan who was P5, went down P7 while his Drivex teammate Nikita Volegov went up to P2, followed by Xavier Lloveras and Juuso Puhakka. But Opmeer who had a very bad start, light up the screen with fastest lap and cut down Puhakka’s lead until he overtook the Finn on a smooth move and set his eyes on the Spanish driver. Meanwhile, Richard Verschoor was taking advantage on the fight behind him and flew over the circuit increasing the gap lap after lap. As the clock ticked down, Nikita Volegov who was defending his second position dropped down, allowing Xavier Lloveras and Jarno Opmeer to be promoted to the podium. Behind them Puhakka managed to pass Danny Kroes and to hold on P4 for the end of the race. A very impressive weekend progression for the Finn contrary to Tuomas Tujula and Tuomas Haapalainen who struggled to find the pace this weekend.

As the chequered flag was waved, Richard had a lights to flag victory, a hat-trick weekend for the young Red Bull Junior driver who won all the race in Motorland, and a perfect ending weekend for MP Motorsport scoring a full podium.

“It has been a perfect weekend, with one pole position and three victories, I am very satisfied with myself and I want to thank MP Motorsport for their work and support,” Richard Verschoor, MP Motorspor

“It has been a mixed-feelings weekend. It started very bad and my pace was not good, but session after session it went better and the last race was very good. I know where I have to improve and I will work on this,” Juuso Puhakka, Double R Racing

The third round of the F4 SPANISH CHAMPIONSHIP will take place in Portugal, on the circuit of Portimao on 9th and 10th of July.

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