Travel 2017 – Moselle Road Trip, Day 16

Sunday October 8th – Day 16, Hull to Home

After breakfast on board the ferry we were on our way, stopping only to refuel at cheaper prices than we can find near home. It was a grey morning so there was no temptation to stop anywhere.

We made it back through the door just minutes too late to go to the cattery to pick up the beasties, so we were left to unpack in peace, trying to find places to store everything we’d brought back. The wine would mostly vanish into wine racks or the wine fridge.

We also had quite a lot of goodies to stash away.

And of course there were also liquers, port and grape seed oil.

All in all it had been a most satisfying break; relaxing, full of history, culture, wine and cuisine. What’s not to like?

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