Travel/Food 2018 – Copenhagen Brewpub, Hotel Danmark, Copenhagen

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Monday, 29th/Tuesday 30th January 2018 – Hotel Danmark, Copenhagen Brewpub, Copenhagen

I’ve been over to Copenhagen three times already this year and it seems odd that I don’t currently have a trip scheduled for this month… anyway, I’ll start with the first trip of the year, back in January.

Once again faced with the idea of several nights of no sleep in the Radisson Blu nearest to the office, my colleague Andy and I cast about for somewhere not too far away and in a similar price range, and that’s when we hit on the Hotel Danmark, a “design” hotel or a “boutique” hotel depending on who you listen to that’s part of a small Danish chain of hotels. Either way, it’s a small-ish establishment just off the main city square, tucked away next to the National Museum, and one street back from the main drag of H C Andersen Boulevard.


Thus far, it’s quiet, civilised, and apart from my February trip when it was -8C outside and I couldn’t get any heat out of the radiators, it’s very comfortable too. It has a number of other things going for it, including its loyalty scheme, which unlike many others is actually achievable and has reasonable terms. Stay for 7 nights and get a free night in any of their hotels. Yep, it’s really that simple. Also, they have a well stocked wine bar, which majors on Portuguese wines as far as I can see, and between 17:00 and 18:00 they run “Wine o’Clock” when you can have a free glass of wine or port. What’s not to like?


Actually I can answer that question. The bathrooms are designed as wetrooms that don’t quite work in all cases. The first room I stayed in I discovered this on the first morning as the entire bathroom floor flooded when I took a shower and I ended up using all the towels to mop it up. The second stay a similar thing happened though not as badly. The final stay so far was absolutely fine, the water remaining in the slightly recessed “tray” in the bathroom floor.


They also do an excellent breakfast with mainly – or possibly wholly – organic produce, though you do pay extra for cooked food and for oatmeal (30DKR, about €4 or £4), which gets you a substantial bowl full sprinkled heavily with nuts, dried fruits, and cinnamon or syrup. Post-run when it’s painfully cold outside it’s much to be recommended and worth the extra expense.


The first trip we both arrived a little late and so went round the corner to eat at the Copenhagen Brewpub, somewhere Andy already knew and that was very pleasant if not stunningly memorable. It has – obviously – an excellent beer list and they also do beer cocktails, so I had to test one of those!


This was made with passionfruit and vanilla and a light beer and was very pleasant, and very refreshing after my journey! The very pleasant waitress brought us bread…


And then it was on to a quick starter which was described as a croquette with fish soup, thought it was more a croquette (and a very good one) with a fish soup that had been reduced until it became a sauce. It wasn’t exactly refined, but it was a tasty thing on a cold January night, and big…


I finished off with cod. The waitress tried to persuade me a needed fries with it, but I didn’t. She said there weren’t many accompanying vegetables (leeks and various root vegetables mainly) but I say there were. It was absolutely fine as it was and it really did not need to be any bigger. I couldn’t eat a dessert, couldn’t even think about it actually.


And on that note we made our way back to the hotel, stopping only to admire the courtyard of the pub (it’s a very fine old building that they seem to be expanding into ever more). I would imagine it must be rather lovely in summer.

Much the same could be said of the hotel’s roof terrace. I snuck a quick look on our return to the premises, but due to the gale blowing in from Siberia I took a brief look at the pretty lights over in Tivoli and didn’t linger! I was very grateful for the nice thick new coat with a massive faux fur hood that I bought in the January sales, knowing full well that I’d need something like it in Copenhagen, if not everywhere else!

The rest of the trip was wholly in the office, and the only thing of not of a non-work nature was discovering Summerbird Chocolates in one of the airport shops. Ye gods, but the caramel is good (I could have lived without the unexpected liquorice in the mixed almonds pack though)!

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