Home 2020 – The Great House Extension Project (Days 99 – 104)

Sunday, December 13th 2020 – The Great House Extension Project (Days 99 – 104)

Thus far the electrician is still alive. How, is a miracle! He winds me up to the point of violence, and every single day he has been in this house I have had to make a conscious effort to get my shoulders back down from somewhere above my ears, such is the stress he causes. Last week was supposed to be the full second fix with the new heating in place and working, all the sockets commissioned, and all the other little bits and pieces all done. And if he’d worked the four days he was supposed to, then perhaps they would be. Let’s just say he worked on four days, with Monday being the day he had to go to the next town over to get his ‘flu jab, a drive of 25 minutes, that somehow meant he was away from the job for three hours. Tuesday he did half a day. Wednesday he didn’t turn up at all. Thursday he arrived at 09:30 and buggered off at 12:30 and Friday he put in five hours, starting at noon, having said he’d be with us in the morning. And when he’d gone we still couldn’t use any of the new sockets, and the old socket by the kitchen kept tripping the circuit breaker in my office. He also left two black bin-liners worth of rubbish, a box full of cardboard and dirt and dust everywhere, that we couldn’t sweep up because there was gloss paint drying in the bedrooms that it would have stuck to. A trip to the tip later to get rid of all the crap, and I was cursing his name.

Oh, and just for good measure I lost two hours worth of work when he cut the power to my office with no warning on Thursday.

That was the downside of the last week. The upside was that all the bedroom walls have had their first proper paint job, and the window sills and skirting board is all in place too. Dave and Darren have been brilliant about taking their shoes off, so they don’t tread dirt into the newly varnished upstairs floors, while again the electrician has had to be reminded repeatedly about putting dust sheets down on the whole floor, not just the tiny corner he’s been working on.

The curtains and blinds are in progress though we won’t have them till early next year unfortunately. However, we do have curtain poles, and they’ve been put back up by Dave, so we can use the old curtains as a temporary solution. They match, though they are a touch worn. It will mean that if we have guests over Christmas (and it’s a big if at the moment the way lockdown is headed) they won’t be kept awake by street lights or daylight even!

We think we’ve finally sorted what we want in the dressing room, but we don’t want to order it too soon. There are too many boxes of things lying around waiting to be built/attached/fitted already that the idea of several tons of IKEA flatpack is more than I can stand. Even if we did put it all in the dressing room for now.

The return of the upstairs furniture has been scheduled for 23rd December, and the cleaners are coming in to do a deep clean on the Monday before that. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get in and the damned electrician won’t still be with us. If he is, I am seriously reviewing the option of killing him and burying him where the patio will be later in the Spring. No sane jury would convict me. I’m determined that once his part of the work is done, he’s never coming back in this house again except to fix anything he’s fitted (and that will be reluctantly on my part).

We spent the weekend cleaning up, tidying up, and then dragging all the stuff that was downstairs in boxes back upstairs to give the electrician a clear run at the downstairs rooms on Monday. I also had to move all the wine out of his way again in my office, and clear a load of books off the shelves in front of the old fuse box because he needed to run some cables from there to the new fuse box. In a fit of defiance, I also moved the hanging rail that has been in my office and serving as my wardrobe upstairs and put it in the dressing room. It looks a bit lonely but it’s a start!

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  1. He does sound very unreliable but you are making progress.


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