Travel 2003 – Macau, Day 3

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Monday, 10th November 2003 – Macau, Day 3

We’d resolved to take it easy this time round, so today we didn’t do much at all in the morning, apart from take a late breakfast so we wouldn’t need to bother with lunch, and then indulged in a little light sight-seeing.

The Macau Monetary Authority had issued special coins to commemorate the 50th GP, and Andrea had managed to reserve one in advance. She had a letter telling her she could pick her purchase up from their offices, so we grabbed a cab and made our way across there. I should perhaps explain that cabs are so cheap to those of us used to Western prices that we tend to use them all the time when we’re there. Anyway, we hit the lunch break, and there was no one around who could deal with the coin delivery, so we wandered off to see what there was to look at locally, with plans to return later.

A short walk away we found some gardens, and the Nine Turns Bridge, so we spent an hour or so just mooching around and enjoying the quiet, looking at the bonsai collection in a corner of the garden, watching the terrapins or turtles or whatever they were in the pond, and providing much amusement for the locals, probably much augmented by the fact that we must seem huge to them, especially Robert, who is 6 foot 5! You could see the thought “Oh fuck, they’re big!” wandering through people’s minds pretty much everywhere we went.

On our return to the monetary authority Andrea was able to get her coin set, though I failed to buy one for myself, and we decided that was enough for the day.

A leisurely evening in the Pizzeria Toscana was the perfect end to a perfect day before the madness gripped us all later in the week.

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