Travel 2003 – Macau, Day 7

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Friday, 14th November 2003 – Macau, Day 7

Once again we went out track side, at least in the morning, spending some time at Sao Francisco Bend, which is interesting if somewhat distant from the actual track action. The photographers’ stand is about halfway up the hill, which means you need a long lens, and the heat haze wasn’t helping much… the humidity levels had taken a turn for the seriously knackering as well, so we were glad to spend the afternoon in the air-conditioned environs of the press office.

In the evening we were invited to a press dinner, again at the Landmark, but this time with much more interesting food, in the shape of a Chinese banquet, including sharks’ fin soup, abalone, and a whole roast piglet. They’d pushed the boat out big time for this one, and the result was amazing, even if it was rather more food than we had expected or anticipated. Again, we were allowed to bring Bob and Glyn too, despite them not being press. Glyn’s beginning to look totally stunned, especially as he and Bob both have guest passes and can more or less roam round at will. We shared tonight’s table with a couple of Portuguese TV guys, who were very funny, and an extremely entertaining chap from one of the Chinese TV stations, as well as a rather gob-smacked junior reporter from one of the Hong Kong papers, who seemed somewhat unsure what to make of the rest of us!

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