Travel 2008 – Zurich

Wednesday, 26th March 2008 – Zurich

I’m in Zurich again – just for a meeting today, but this time I opted to fly in last night.

I’ve stayed overnight at the somewhat eccentric Hotel du Theatre just across the river from the main railway station, and after a brief wander round in the snow last night have decided I rather like the look of the old town.

The hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, so I took some recommendations from the charming receptionist, then pottered out to the Hotel Adler, which is very Swiss, very rustic in style, and serves some very fine food. I had the veal in a cream and mushroom sauce, otherwise known as Geschnetzeltes Kalbfleisch nach Zürcher-Art or if you want to pronounce it as the locals do, Züri Gschnätzlets with the best Roesti I think I’ve ever eaten. They also managed to serve some very good wine from the Valais, a Fendant, and the last time I drank any of that would be 30 years or so ago when I spent an exhausting Summer working here. I managed a dessert of meringues with cream and a coffee (served with a tiny white chocolate Easter bunny beside it), and the only thing that marred the evening was the three drunken idiots in the corner next to me (at least till the waiter asked me if I wanted to swap tables – they weren’t bothering me too much but they were very noisy and they were really, really very bad singers!).

Afterwards I walked down to what I initially believed was the cathedral square in the snow. The Fraumünster, as it turned out to be, appears to be a solidly Romanesque building with the most incredibly slim spire. It looked beautiful in the snow, as did the view over the river from the terrace in front of it. After admiring that I meandered back along a series of medieval streets and alleys, enjoying the buildings. I’d like to come back some time in good weather, with my camera… Anyway, it’s time for breakfast, and then I need to check out and get to the meeting.

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