2012 British F3 International Series – Points After Round 29


British F3 International Series 2012 –Points After Final Round (Round 29)

International Class
1st – Jack Harvey, 319 points

2ndJazeman Jaafar, 306 points
3rd – Felix Serralles, 299 points
4th –Alex Lynn, 253 points
5th Harry Tincknell, 226 points
6thCarlos Sainz Jnr, 224 points
7thPietro Fantin, 195 points
8th – Pipo Derani, 146 points
9th – Hannes Van Asseldonk, 132 points
10th – Nick McBride, 85 points
11th – Fahmi Ilyas, 48 points
12th – Geoff Uhrhane, 35 points
13thRupert Svendsen-Cook, 24 points

National Class
1st – Spike Goddard, 427 points

2nd – Duvashen Padayachee, 377 points
3rdAdderly Fong, 161 points
4th – Pedro Pablo Calbimonte, 124 points
5th – Hywell Lloyd, 61 points


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