Fitness 2012 – Ankle Progress and Weight Loss

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Well, it’s almost three weeks now since the cast came off and I can’t believe how much progress I seem to be making. At the weekend the rebuilt bits of tendon and ligament were giving me an annoyingly hard time, cramping, but some added salt with dinner on Sunday and Monday seems to have sorted that out. The physio exercises are getting easier, even the lateral flexing, and the range of motion is also improving from day to day. And today I walked without the “ski-boot”. OK, only a handful of steps getting in and out of the shower but the ankle didn’t buckle under me, didn’t hurt at all, and seemed remarkably strong considering I’m supposed to have lost a lot of muscle tone.

I’m not much of a believer in supplements and such, being firmly convinced that enough water and plenty of unprocessed, good food will give me all the nutrients I really need, but I decided that in the initial stages of healing I would see whether there were any sensible looking recommendations out there. I found this:

Taking the recommendations to heart, I’ve eaten blueberries and nuts every single day, and added glucosamine, linseed oil, fish oil, garlic oil, vitamin c and zinc supplements to my daily diet. Whether it’s helped or not, I can’t say, but I seem to be in good shape all things considered and I can feel the ankle getting better almost daily.

I also finally worked out how to tackle the weigh-in process while still incapacitated… Hop on the scales wearing my shoe and the ski-boot contraption, then deduct the 1400g that the boot and shoe weigh, and the news is nowhere near as bad as I’d feared. Now it’s fair to say that I do have a tendency to fear the worst when I’ve not been able to exercise and have had weeks of not logging and it’s ALWAYS nowhere near as bad as my imagination can make it. I’m currently around 12lbs over what I consider my fighting weight and 6lbs over where I was before I had to stop running. Not bad. So I’m also now starting back on WLR to shed the extra pounds. I’ve reset my goal to 12 stone 4lbs which was what I hit in November 2006 after losing 6 stone, set the rate of loss to 1/2lb a week, and left myself at very sedentary for the time being. That should do it and it’s nice to feel in control again.

I’ve also heard about this – – so I may just have a look at it as well and see how it compares. It has the advantage of being free, which WLR isn’t, although I’ve been a member at WLR for such a long time now that I a) know my way round it blindfold almost and b) feel like part of the furniture (in a good way).

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  1. That’s great news! Your patience and common sense are holding you in good stead. Good luck with the weight loss, 12lbs should come off steadily especially as your activity gradually increases.


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