Fitness 2012 – 10 Week’s Since Surgery

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Well, my ankle is still a bit stiff – and a bit sore on the outside along the more complicated wound site – but it’s moving well in most directions, and I have successfully walked from bed to bathroom and back several times now without the ski-boot contraption to protect it. I am therefore optimistic that I will be able to walk OK – if not for long – when we get to Macau this year. There may be more reliance on taxis and the press shuttle buses than in previous years, but at least the photography looks plausible, provided I choose my spot carefully and don’t stand up for longer than I need to. The marshals at Melco are usually happy to let people sit on the steps leading to their post so that’s a good option. As the hotel overlooking Hospital Bend may also prove to be. I understand – though I haven’t been there myself – that the bar is the place to be to get a good view of the track. So again I should be able to sit down.

And on that note I am off to do my physio exercises!

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